We offer a variety of massage therapies.

Remedial - Aims to remedy  muscolskeletal conditions such as spasms, muscular cramping and muscular imbalance by treating the symptoms and cause of dysfunction.  Remedial massage assists in tissue regeneration and increased joint range of motion. This treatment may include postural assessment and some testing. 

Pregnancy - Pregnancy Massage is a great addition to your prenatal care regime. It can help relieve many of the main discomforts experienced during pregnancy including leg cramps, stiff back and neck, head aches and swelling.  Pregnancy massage can help reduce stress on joints due to postural changes during pregnancy. Pregnancy Massage increases blood and lymph circulation and helps to reduce stress and tension. Extra care is taken with the use of supports during the massage as comfort is key to feeling the full therapeutic effects of the massage.  

Sports - Rehabilitate sports injuries and soft tissue dysfunction that may result from sports , exercise and weightlifting. Sports massage promotes flexibility often incorporating some stretching as well as reducing swelling, muscle tension and fatigue. Pre-event massage ensures maximum performance, improves endurance and helps prevent injuries . Post-event massage improves recovery times so you can get back to doing what you love.

Relaxation / Swedish Massage -  Relaxation massage aims to soothe the nervous system and boost the immune system.It increases oxygen in the blood, reduces toxins in the muscles, improves circulation and reduces stiffness and aches and pains. It is slow paced and nurturing allowing you time to switch off from the daily grind so you can leave feeling rested and rejuvenated.