As you may be aware, massage, meditation and Yoga offer many long term health benefits.

It has been highlighted that sitting for more than two hours at a time can cause health issues. Stretching with Yoga can relieve the tension in the body caused by sitting for long periods of time while working on a computer or at a desk.

Massage helps relieve stress and tension in the body and may help relieve the incidences of employee sick days whilst raising staff moral and creating more focus in the workplace. 

How can we can help you look after your staff?

On-site Massage Service
We are offering 10-15 minute seated, clothed massage in your office. The massage may be performed either at the work station or in a separate room for privacy and enjoyment. No oil is used during this massage and generally the neck, shoulders, arms and scalp are included in the session although this may be personalized for each individual staff member. Investment $85 per hour. Minimum 2 hours.

Yoga or Meditation
We can run Yoga or Meditation classes in your space or ours. We can set up a time to run a class with your employees at our Dee Why studio or we can run a class in your office or the park if that suits.

We also offer a Corporate Package. 20 classes to be used over 24 weeks for $300 which can be shared across many people. We have over 20 Yoga and Pilates classes a week on our timetable so we are sure you’ll find something to suit you and your staff’s needs. 

Please call (02) 9972 0855 or email if wish to discuss this matter further or to sample the services for yourself. 

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